Thursday, January 11, 2007

WEEK 1: Creating a Blog (1-3 of 23 Cool Tools)

Our first assignment is to create a blog using blogger, play around with formats and features, and then start posting. A blog is the first of 23 Cool Tools or Technologies that I'll get to play with. How cool is that?

I familiarized myself with the project (Thing #1) and discovered pointers from lifelong learners (Thing #2) The online tutorials and podcasts are a nice change of pace from reading. Although I created my first blog about 3 months ago, over the Thanksgiving holiday, it is a great idea to use a blog to write about 2.0 web applications and experiences as I go through the SJLearning2.0 program. My new blog is called "2CoolTools" because web 2.0 applications are really wonderful and cool = hot! (Thing 3)

A Look-back" from WEEK 9: For the past two weeks, I've been modifying Learning2.0 for school libraries. This has presented a number of interesting challenges, such as figuring out how to post the full 1-23 exercises.

HOW TO MAKE ALL 23 THINGS (9 weeks) flow as one post.

  1. FIRST: Create and finalize all 23 individual posts, posts for "about," _Participants," etc.
  2. SECOND: When satisfied with final product, do the following:
    CREATE a LAST POST called "Exercises."
    Open a separate browser and COPY 1 of 23 Things; PASTE to "Exercises" post.
    Then, COPY 2 of 23 Things; PASTE to "Exersises" post. And so on until all 23 are in one final post.
  3. LAST: Tell school librarians to sign up and get going!

It is a real kick when each problem is solved. Once you learn 2.0, you start really using it.

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Virtual Services Team said...

The Virtual Services team is glad that you have jumped in. Keep up the good work!