Thursday, February 1, 2007

WEEK 5: Award Winning Sites - (#11 Thing)

This Discovery Lesson urges us to explore at least three award winning 2.0 sites. Here are my favorites: DailyMotion (video site), Wayfaring (mapping), and HipCAL(organization.) won first place in the web 2.0 awards. It is something like YouTube, which won second place. Showing was a hilarious daily "research" program with James Black at -- "The place where YOU ask the questions and WE find the answers."
see the January 30th or February 1st programs to capture the craziness of this British bloke -- is he a librarian? Good question to ask him. is something like Google Maps. Problem so far with mapping applications is that they ignore our southern neighbor, Mexico! In any case, it won first choice, followed by Frappr and HousingMaps.
HousingMaps is a visual way to look for housing including available rooms to rent.
Frappr is for individuals to map where they are, attach a photo, and socialize with others in their Frappr map. One group consisted of people who own/ride horses, for example. This could be an interesting way for specialized librarians to have a national conversation.

First place site for organizing was HipCal, it's about time -- a site for creating calendars. This has potential for library room reservations, and possibly reference desk duty. Website indicated this was just acquired by second place winner,

Other places I checked out:
Shopping web.20 site ETSY is for buying and selling handmade things. OK, but I'm not much of a shopper.
So much to explore, but need to absorb possibilities before touring some more.

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