Sunday, February 4, 2007

WEEK 5: Rollyo (#12 Thing)

For some reason, I have something similar to writer's block when it comes to Rollyo. Maybe it's the name -- Rollyo -- or just that I don't feel like learning yet another web 2.0 thing. I forced myself to create a Rollyo account and two "searchrolls" of websites. I used a hotlist I already had on gifts for book and library lovers and called my new Rollyo site "Gifts4BookLovers." Somehow, three copies of my roll appeared on my "dashboard." Next, I created a searchroll related to Mother-Daughter Book Clubs, again using one of my existing hotlists.

I don't think I want to add a "searchbox" to my blog yet, so I passed on that optional exercise.
Hopefully, the WEEK 6 Discovery Exercises will interest me more.

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