Sunday, February 11, 2007

WEEK 6: Technorati (#14 Thing)

Humm... how did the name come about?
I see Technorati is San Francisco based, so that is good -- a local virtual company.
I "claimed" my Advocate4Libraries blog. It was easy to "claim" it, but when I tried to move the location of Technorati from the top left to the bottom, my blog took forever and ever to "save." In fact, it is still trying to do that.

What a discovery! When I searched Technorati "tags" using "Library 2.0" as a search term, what did I find but a YouTube video of Helene Blowers announcing the winners of her online series, Discovery Learning 2.0 (To answer the question, are results different when looking at the same search term under the three categories: blog posts, tags, and blog directory -- yes, they yield very different results. Guess the lesson learned is to check all three and discover all sorts of things.)

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