Saturday, February 17, 2007

Week 9: LibraryThing and YouTube (#19, 20 Thing)

Week 9 is the final week of SJLibrary 2.0 and the first exercise asks us to look at LibraryThing, something I did back in Week 6 when the focus was on tagging. We were invited to look at for a story on LibraryThing, but I couldn't find the story even when searching their archives. MoBuzzTV has lots of interesting and short technology stories.

Another assignment (#20) is to check out YouTube and look for other similar sites. Humm.. this also seems like a repeat for me from Week 6. Two of my favorite "library themed" YouTube videos are Library Dominos and Ray of Light. Library Dominos is short, mostly silent, yet sweet. ray of Light has great music and is "a day in the life of a library" - a real treat and tribute to all who work at the St. Joseph's County Library.

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