Saturday, May 19, 2007

Blog Variety of School Library Learning 2.0 Participants

It is amazing how many varieties of blogs are being created by members of the California School Library Association as they work through the online course, School Library Learning 2.0 See the Bloglines account of member blogs.


bibliofan said...

I like your Avatar too. The lady wore red. I want to thank you and the team for doing this. I know the kind of time this is going to take on your part. You really are 2cool.

librarymum said...

I think the variety is great too. It will only grow as more people get involved with this. I read one discouraging post, when I searched for School Library Learning 2.0 as was suggested in one of the exercises. Someone thought we were boring and not doing anything the person hadn't tried before. Bummer, wouldn't want to be around that person much. Everyone else that came up on the blog search had only positive comments.