Thursday, September 13, 2007

Cell Phones will be a digital divide 'leveler'

Here is a good video about the future of using cell phones in K12. This is about 1/2 hour interview with Dr. Elliot Soloway of the University of Michigan. Robert Scoble's interview of Dr. Soloway is entitled "Improving Education with the Teacher of the Year." Near the end, there is a discussion on the critical importance of reading, increasing literacy rates, and the importance of the public library.

Some highlights:
  • In 4 years, cell phones will be THE tool. It will be accepted in schools at some point soon.
    For schools to accept cell phones, teachers must teach the existing K12 curriculum in the cell phone in order to get the (cell phone) revolution going.
  • Longer term, students will all be carrying hand-helds (like iPhone) and will think more globally because they can easily communcate with other kids around the world. School reports will see more multi-media (how students express themselves.) Cell phone costs will continue to go down in price, making them more accessible to all students.
  • Digital divide: "The Cell phone is a 'leveler' of the digital divide."

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