Saturday, February 16, 2008

SLL2.0 and CL2.0 Offered as Graduate Courses

Good news from Connie Williams, President-elect of the California School Library Association:

Hello everyone!
School Library Learning 2.0 is now available to be taken for Graduate credit. Fresno Pacific University has approved School Library Learning 2.0 as a graduate course. School Library Learning 2.0 is the fun way to learn how to use the tools of the open web. It is completely on-line and can be done from home, school [depending on web filters], or at the local coffeehouse. Day or night, rain or shine, you can learn what's out there for you to use at home or school. It's the best example of how we learn by doing.

If you join in now, you can sign on for $150. After March 1st the cost will go up, so now is the time to join in on learning how to use the tools of the Internet 2.0! The companion tutorial: Classroom Learning 2.0 is also available for graduate credit. To register:

Course Number is: IND 1149 OR IND 970. Course
Titles: School Library Learning 2.0 OR Classroom Learning 2.0.
Cost: $150 for two units of Graduate Credit. Register by Feb. 29 (Unit cost increasing after then). To sign up for these units, participants need to:

  • To register, have a credit card handy. Under the heading "Professional Development Workshops," click on the link that says "Register online" (this will open another window)
  • Fill in your information and at the bottom, use the pull down menu and select "School Library Learning 2.0"
  • Once registered, please send an email to with "FPU School Library Learning 2.0 units" in the subject line. (Rob will be your "online instructor" to verify work completed.)
  • You will receive further instructions soon regarding what needs to be done to verify your work towards these units (all of this work will be completed online via Moodle, an online course management system.)
  • I’m hopeful that you can complete these units by May 15, 2008 because the end of the school year is pretty crazy. If need be, we can extend to the end of June or July.
  • To verify these units, Fresno Pacific will mail you a letter verifying that you have completed these units. If you need an official transcript to verify these units, you may request one by mailing in the form (with a fee) found at:
  • Further questions about these units should be directed to Rob Darrow or 559-327-9635.
    Questions about the online registration should be directed to Fresno Pacific Center for Professional Development - 559-453-2043 or 800-372-5505. or via email to:
    Peggi Kriegbaum.

    Connie Williams
    President-elect 07/08
    CSLA 2.0 Team

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