Saturday, October 18, 2008

Flip video cameras, Voice Presentation Systems, & Hand-held Smart Boards

· Flip video cameras - Teachers and Teacher-Librarians give them to students to take short videos for projects. Very popular in GA. "Flip" refers to the memory stick drive that you remove to transfer video footage to your computer. This could be useful for libraries wanting to promote or report on future and past library events, create simple “how to” or “why to” use an online database and add to library website, wiki, or blog.

· Voice presentation systems with wireless mic for wearing like a necklace so all students including those in the back of the room could hear with same quality and volume. Product was from was LightSPEED Technologies.

· Hand-held substitute for a Smart Board, used with a projector. Size of an etch-a-sketch but with all the software and network connections of a Smart Board. (wireless). Smart Boards are popular with educators, but the new hand-held versions might be of interest to public libraries. Good for meeting rooms. Network application.

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