Sunday, November 30, 2008

Mobility@Your Library - #3 Disaster Preparedness/ Emergency Response

Here is #3 of 10 categories of how libraries use mobile devices.

#3- Disaster Preparedness/ Emergency Response. In times of trouble, libraries often become community gathering centers and communication hubs. After all, libraries have Internet access, Internet workstations, tons of reading material, places to rest and ... restrooms!

Has your library or library system participated in any large-scale disaster drill? Does your emergency plan include how to reach staff, communicate status of each library location, and provide information to the community in a variety of ways? Here are a few examples of capabilities and devices that can be used in emergencies.

Immediate access to communication tool - by librarians, staff, and library users: Push-to-Talk and Group Messaging.
  • Eyespot Mobile Cast – shoot, mix, share a video from mobile phone.
  • EAS – Emergency Alert Systems. Librarian as a part of an emergency response team. Commercial Mobile Alert System (CMAS), a system by which commercial mobile service (CMS) providers may transmit emergency alerts to their subscribers.
  • PIN to PIN Each devise has a unique personal identifying number (PIN) that identifies each handheld on the network. If you know the PIN of another handheld user, you can send a PIN message to that person. PIN messages are not routed through an existing email account.
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