Sunday, January 11, 2009

SOLIO - Hybrid Solar Charger

Mac World post #5 - We have solar roof panels and a solar outdoor light. What's next? Maybe a solar-powered universal charger for our numerous electronic devices. Solar chargers at strategic window locations in libraries and other public places would be welcome.

On Thursday, my friend and I arrived at Mac World with two dead cell phone batteries. We assumed correctly that there would be wireless connectivity and charging stations in the exhibits. I stumbled upon Solio. While my phone was charging, I looked at a number of models of multi-device chargers. Apparently, you can charge your charger with energy from the sun or the wall -- it's a hybrid. The Solio H1000 has a clip on one end that would make it easy to wear on a hike or a bike. Handy for emergencies and disaster preparedness. A cool tool.

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