Friday, February 6, 2009

ADEC Webcast: Countdown to Summit XX

Alliance of Distance Education in California (ADEC) President Heidi Maston hosted a webinar on key distance education panel topics, in advance of its annual ADEC Summit, February 26-28 in Oakland. Panel topics include:
  • Distance Learning in the 21st Century environment
  • Industry speaks

  • How Distance Education can revitalize your organization

  • More effective and less expensive education -- Possible?

  • Hard financial times: helping your organization survive and thrive.

  • Web accessibility: from Ableist Biases to Social Inclusiveness.

  • Does technology magically improve learning? Maximizing your instructional results by strategically implementing distance education.

  • Where do we go now? As a nation, a state, a college, a school, a business.

The pre-summit conversation was made possible by Elluminate, a corporate sponsor. It was an excellent way to introduce a good number of important topics and whet appetites for a more indepth discussion and conversations in Oakland at the ADEC Summit. I've enjoyed the annual gatherings for many years, serving on the ADEC Board for two terms. Always good networking, no distractions.

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