Thursday, February 26, 2009

Second Life TV -

At 5 pm on February 17, I logged into Second Life as "CyberLibrarian Wrangler" and participated in a Second Life program by ISTE eduverse Talks: Beyond the Dewey Decimal System. It was captured on Second Life TV, so check it out. The sound cuts out from time to time, but overall it is very good.
  • Presenters: Several library technology pioneers spoke about when and why they joined Second Life, their early frustrations, and what they are doing and why they are staying. Host Kevin Jarrett talks with Area Library Coordinator, Chicago Public Schools Lisa Perez (Elaine Tulip in SL), Librarian, Springfield Township High School (PA) Joyce Valenza (Joyce Story in SL) and Rhonda Trueman (Abbey Zenith in SL)
  • Navigating. Practice getting around in Second Life -- there is a steep learning curve, especially if you "dip in" only 1-2 times a month or so. I "transported" myself to the event, "sat" in the back row, and got my bearings while listening to the program. This archived version is much superior than my experience participating and watching live! :)
  • Book Review. Learn about the book co-authored by Lori Bell and Rhonda Trueman, "Virtual Worlds, Real Libraries."

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