Thursday, March 12, 2009

St. Pat's Day Party in Second Life

This evening, the Chicago Public Schools Department of Libraries hosted a Saint Patrick's Day party in Second Life (SL). We were invited by Elaine Tulip as follows:
"Join librarians and educators for a Chicago-style St. Patrick's Day party on Thur, Mar 12 at 6pm SLT! We will have a live DJ playing celtic and blues music in our jazz club, free gifts, refreshments, and an Irish trivia scavenger hunt. The Chicago River is dyed green for the occasion."

Once Avatars transported to the coordinates (79.23.23), they were invited to get dancing capabilities, so mine danced and danced. See my avatar dancing by the pot of gold? Some avatar accepted green hats of several styles, and others held golden brew in beer mugs. After enough partying, I commented in the chat window that it was a "Great party. Thanks to the Chicago Public School Libraries for hosting." Elaine replied, "Thanks for coming!"

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