Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Yellow Pages Widget - LIBRARY category

KW Low at AT&T YellowPages.com has launched a cool local directory search tool, a YP widget. It took longer than he planned and this is only version 1.1. Now that the search widget is available, it can be used by anyone who creates a YPC account. The smallest version (160 pixels wide) is ideal for my blogs. If you want, you can set a default location for your state or city. You can have no categories selected, list the top 5 categories, or select your own categories! Love it! See how easy it is to add "libraries" as a category. I've added a heading that urges readers to look up their local library.

Next year, KW plans to make it a pay-program along the lines of Google AdSense, where each search of the YP Directory would be worth a penny or some formula.

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