Saturday, July 25, 2009

Web Browsers -- Which One Is Best?

Microsoft, Mozilla, Apple, Google, and others have all recently upgraded their browsers to be faster and fancier. PC Magazine carried an article on "How to Choose the Best Browser". Here is what Michael Muchmore wrote in his introduction: "The recent launch of Firefox 3.5 was just the latest in a crescendo of activity on the browser front over the past few months. We've seen Google tout speed with its bare-bones Chrome 2. We've seen Apple's Safari 4 bring on both the speed and all the interface eye candy we've come to expect. Opera has come in with not only a beta of its feature-packed version 10, but also an alpha of an app called Opera Unite that makes the browser a server as well as a consumer. Starting it all was that juggernaut Microsoft, coming out with Internet Explorer 8, which the company claimed was more compliant with open Web standards."

See the full article for how Michael rates each browser and read the comments from readers.

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