Thursday, August 20, 2009

Widget for Sharing -- "Share This"

Tom Kahn shared a cool tool -- a widget called "Share This" so I experimented with it on a number of my blogs. It allows me (and readers) to share a post with other social networking accounts. I shared an item from my Advocate4Libraries blog with my Facebook account, but could also share (re-post) with my Twitter and other accounts.

How would you use this? Here is an example: Members of the California School Library Association could post a message on their personal or library blog account about the California School Library Association's
popular, free, online educational technology tutorials for teachers called "Classroom Learning 2.0" and "Discovering Assistive Technology". For those who have completed or almost completed School Library Learning 2.0, they could add a testimonial about how much they learned and enjoyed the discovery learning format. You get the idea! The more who hear about the CSLA professional development and program tutorials, the more visibility for school libraries. Remember, strong school libraries build strong students and lifelong learners!

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