Saturday, October 24, 2009

TwitterFeed, RT, and other Twitter Tricks 'n' Tools

Read a free PDF book by Mark O'Neill on "The Complete Guide to Twitter". Learned of a way to promote my blog posts through registering them on Apparently, it is an effective way of promoting a blog or website, especially to those who rely on their handheld mobile devices rather than RSS feeds. Now to experiment with posting here and on my other blogs and see if they are sent to my twitter account, 4Libraries.

Retweeting a tweet (p.21) apparently is similar to sharing a blog post. Retweets are useful because if lots of other Tweeters retweet something, then a web link or an idea could go viral. Humm. Here are some examples to consider for California school librarians:
  • If I tweeted about the California School Library Association's online web 2.0 tutorial Classroom Learning 2.0, and other CSLA members retweeted (RT) about it and mentioned the URL, visitor statistics for the site could jump, bigtime.
  • If someone tweeted about new legislation or new draft school library standards for California, and school teacher librarians and advocates around the state retweeted (RT), this would raise the visibility and timing of the school library standards.
  • If each CSLA member tweeted about each new library advocate or "Best Seller" for strong school libraries, then other CSLA members retweeted (RT) and congratulated or cheered about the newest "Best Seller", that would increase the awareness and significance of strong school libraries and academic achievement -- and potentially increase the number of new "Best Sellers" for this grassroots library advocacy campaign.
  • Tweets and retweets would be useful for promoting workshops, conference programs, and all sorts of events -- especially as more of the target audience (i.e., librarians) used or followed Twitter.

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