Saturday, November 28, 2009

Twitter - First Follower

There are apps for everything. Today, I learned of a Twitter application that tells you the Twitter name of your first Twitter "follower". I clicked the link and learned that it was teacher librarian and CSLA 2009 conference committee member devoted to social networking, Marie Slim. Makes sense! First Follower is simple. Click on the link and there are three action items:
  1. A question: "Wanna know who was your first follower?"
  2. Box to type in "Your Twitter Nick" (your nickname, such as 4Libraries)
  3. Box to click that says "Wanna Know"
Twitter originally was created for a small entrepreneurial team that needed to stay connected and focused on building their business. Back then, the key question they'd ask one another was "What's happening?" That is the simplicity of Twitter.

There are lots of Twitter apps that I'm just learning to explore.

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