Sunday, December 6, 2009

Good Link Building is Good Marketing

Justilien Gaspard of says the two top search engine optimization (SEO) challenges are developing linkable content and making people award of it. See his June 25, 2009 article, "Link Marketing Challenges and Solutions". Some highlights:
  • Content includes all sorts of thing other than your own words. Add interactive web 2.0 tools, videos, polls, and such. Follow what the most popular, most competitive sites and industries are doing.
  • Marketing your content is very time-consuming, so hire or invite others to promote your site. Nonprofits like schools or libraries could encourage students or members to contribute to and promote the site. [Note: I've found that by posting new items to Facebook and sending a tweet tends to increase traffic and Google AdSense hits.] It makes sense that the more people are aware of your content, the more links it will obtain. Stay focused: build awareness and reputation. The higher the (Google) ranking, the more people will link to your site.
In my case, all links are at no cost -- other than my investment of time and energy.

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