Tuesday, February 16, 2010

MacWorld 2010 Exhibits

Visited the MacWorld 2010 Exhibits in San Francisco last weekend. This was the first year without Apple. Many products were for businesses or consumers, but I looked for potential education applications. Here are a few things of interest:
  • MacSpeech Scribe - Personal speech transcription for the Macintosh. Good for those who are well-organized speakers, long commuters, and not-so-good typists. Those who are used to dictating letters to an assistant would find this tool handy. It looks like DragonSpeak Natually Speaking software, but for Mac.
  • Eye-Fi - Memory cards make your camera wireless. Features include online sharing, automatically geotagging photos, hotspot access across the USA, Ad Hoc Transfers, and endless memory. [Note: not for Flip video, which uses a thumb drive, not a memory card.]
  • 4iThumbs - Tactile keyboard for the iPhone.
  • GetUncommon.com - Your iPhone is the canvas. GetUncommon.com or you provide the art for your iPhone. Limitless inspiration for decorating your iPhone. Interesting. Guess if you can afford an iPhone you can afford making it "special".
  • ImageQuest Pic-to-nym - a visual puzzle that compines graphic recognition, contextual relationships, and vocabulary skills to guess the word that links a set of images. Entertaining for all ages. English Language Learners (ELL) should find pictonyms fun and instructive.
  • zBoost - extends cell zones. Products for car and for home/office.
  • Microvision Showwx - laser pico projector. Made for ipod. "Amplify your images from a device that fits in your pocket.

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