Monday, April 5, 2010

The GOOGLE Book Settlement & The Future of Reading

Here is a well-written article on "5 Ways the GOOGLE Book Settlement Will Change the Future of Reading" by Annalee Newitz. Annalee is the editor-in-chief of a blog called io9: We Come From the Future.

This is an overview of the impact of the copyright law and its challenges, related to books. "Book Monster" illustrations are colorful.

Annalee lists several ways copyright will change, thanks to the newest version of the Google Book Settlement (aka: GBS 2.0):
  1. It may become harder to find information online about books from your favorite writers.
  2. You will find yourself reading free books online, by authors who have disappeared. And Google will make money when you do.
  3. Google will be competing with Apple and Amazon and everyone else to be your favorite online bookseller.
  4. Libraries and bookstores will become the same thing.
  5. Pulp fiction will make a comeback in unexpected ways.

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