Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Summer 2.0 Fun - Intro to Web 2.0

The California School Library Association (CSLA) is celebrating its 4th Summer of 2.0 Fun. Four years of offering educators a free, online web 2.0 tutorial with curriculum connections and an opportunity to explore new media in a relevant and meaningful way. Within a school, teachers teach. Outside of a school, they talk about students, books, education issues. Often, there is no time within a school day or school year to learn how to effectively and creatively use new tools. Summer vacation is an ideal time to learn.

CSLA says:
  • This is a great way to get you, your library and your profession visible! See more at Summer 2.0 Fun
  • If you have already completed the course, good for you! You are way ahead of the pack. This is a good time to do outreach and get others at your school to learn the new media. Please pass this invitation along to administrators, professional development and ed tech directors, local schools of education, and other associations you belong to. Post about it. Tweet about it. BRAG about it.
Summer 2.0 Fun runs from June 1-September 1. CSLA encourages all educators to participate in one way or another in order to move California and the nation's schools ahead -- no need to wait or hope for any stimulus money or budgets. Just do it. This course has no quizzes or exams.

That's the spirit! After all, most large corporate employers only offer online training and professional development. We can do it too!

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