Thursday, August 26, 2010

Back-to-School iPhone Apps

Here is a list of mobile apps for young adults headed back to school or college, according to Mashable .
  1. Open Culture. Access to mobile education audio and videos.
  2. Mental Case.  Flashcards for Medical Students
  3. Rate My Professor -- self explanatory
  4. My Homework and iStudiez Pro 
  5. Free Translator
  6. Chegg - textbook search and rental
  7. Blackboard Mobile Learn
  8. Quick Graph 
  9. Formulas Free -- Formulas for Calculus
  10. Free Books -- Last but not least!!!
iPhone Touch was given out free to students and educators who bought a new computer this summer.  Most campuses and high schools have campuswide wireless Internet access, so there should be a lot more traffic/bandwidth use this fall.  Enjoy!

Now to collect a top ten mobile apps for school and academic libraries.

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