Sunday, December 19, 2010

Five Web-based Alternatives to PowerPoint

Five years ago, I learned of Zoho as an alternative for an office suite.  Now there is a wider selection of options.  

ReadWrite BIZ writer John Paul Titlow says: “For years, Microsoft PowerPoint has been the standard bearer of slide presentation applications, but several web-based alternatives have emerged. For the most part, the alternatives offer similar functionality to PowerPoint, sometimes more, sometimes less. One obvious advantage to web-based presentations is that they’re stored in the cloud, eliminating the potential for nightmare scenarios involving lost or corrupted thumb drives.”...ReadWriteBiz, Nov. 27
  1. Prezi - See the demo and great examples of Prezi for presentations.
  2. SlideRocket - It is a collaborative presentation tool.  It allows for users to comment and answer polls in real time, interact with Flickr and GoogleDocs.
  3. 280 Slides - Easy to create, easy to share. Take a tour!
  4. GoogleDocs - Essentially a web-based version of MS PowerPoint. Nice.
  5. Zoho Show - The presentation application of Zoho offers the standard functionality, but also includes live audio chat with the audience.

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