Monday, January 3, 2011

Virtual Classrooms

Mashable started the year with a reasoned article on The Case for The Virtual Classroom. The article is focused on higher education, but could easily apply to high schools in terms of preparing students.  Here are the six points in the case for online learning:
  1. Online education "doesn't have to suck".  The U.S. Department of Education says that research shows that students who studied in online learning environments performed modestly better than peers who were receiving face-to-face instruction.
  2. Universities have limited physical space.
  3. Education can change the world.
  4. Global understanding is more important than ever.
  5. The Internet empowers self-motivated learners.
  6. The virtual classroom can make the physical classroom more effective.
K-12 educators who get their feet wet with free, online tutorials such as Classroom Learning 2.0 or School Library Learning 2.0 will appreciate the power of learning online with peers across the globe or within a district. Those who introduce teens to the new media through online tutorials like Teen Learning 2.0 are doing a great service in preparing students for college and careers.

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