Thursday, October 27, 2011


A comment on my 2CoolTools blog alerted me to a flashcard game, WordStash [subheading: Half flashcard, half dictionary, and full awesome!]

I asked teacher librarians if this is popular with students or a useful study help and only heard messages like "thanks for alerting us to this cool new tool."  WordStash is a cool tool for students who need to occupy their time after turning in their assignment or test -- or for after school.  For that matter, this might have appeal for new iPad users and senior citizens who want to stay sharp.

Examples of favorite lists:
So, enjoy!  I see there is a teacher version.  And there's more!

Teacher librarians also recommend:
  • Quizlet - free. 4 study modes: flashcards, spelling, learn, tests.  Audio in many languages. Very large collection!  
  • - create pages, memorize, share with others

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Rosemarie Bernier said...

Teacher and students use these! They are great study tools.

R. Bernier