Saturday, February 18, 2012

Social Media Timeline

The history of social media in a timeline format (info graphic) is a useful tool for teacher librarians and others.  For many, it is a walk down memory lane.  See the full timeline at

Add some education data points:

  • 1994 - Net Day, an initiative to wire all schools and classrooms (and school libraries) to the Internet.  That is also when it became clear that schools needed to upgrade their electrical system.  Computers need to be plugged into electrical outlets.  This is also the year that Pacific Bell (now AT&T) started its Education First initiative and team, got CPUC approval to donate three years of ISDN lines for Internet access and interactive videoconferencing to all California schools, libraries and community colleges, and established 12 demonstration sites.  Library sites included Pasadena Public Library and Sacramento Public Library.
  • 1996 - Telecommunications Act of 1996 included a section on Universal Service that helps schools and public libraries obtain access to state of the art telecom services and equipment at a discounted rate.  This became known as "E-Rate", short for "eduction rate."
  • Summer 2007 - California School Library Association offered its free, online web 2.0 tutorials, School Library Learning 2.0 and Classroom Learning 2.0  
Add your own special dates and memories to the timeline!

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