Sunday, January 14, 2007

WEEK 3: Flickr Fun -- relax and read (#5, 6 Things)

Finally, it's my turn to create a Flickr account rather than just look at all the photos in my family's fantastic travel blogs. My mission: Look at Flickr, see how tags work, what groups are, and things that people and other libraries are using Flickr for. (#5 Thing)

I'm already a Flickr fan. Now I know how to post from other collections to my blog. I had to go to and sign in, then permit Flicker. Then, I went to my son's blog, found a photo, and clicked on "blog it" to my 2CoolTools blog.

Mike rides his bike all day as he travels south through Mexico. At the end of the day, he rests with a good book. This photo labeled "relax" is from his travel blog Flickr album. I asked permission, but he is not thrilled with me posting his picture, has no plans to go out of his way to have his photo taken in front of Mexican libraries, and just doesn't understand that it is a good thing to humor mom.

4/2/07 - Here's a new fun Flickr tool called FlickrFont.


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