Thursday, June 7, 2007

E-Mail Messaging (e-mail to cell phones)

I've become a fan of e-mail messaging. It is the only way to reach and get a response from high school or college kids, given they prefer text messaging and instant messages over e-mail.

Academic librarians have started to experiment with instant messages for reference service, but it has it other uses. It might be fun to experiment some more -- ask for student AND TEACHER cell phone numbers when they check out a book or come to a meeting or class in the library. Follow up with a short and sweet message to their cells at

Download the Txt2Connect tutorial (for parents and librarians, too!) What could some of your messages look like?
(From Check it out. New books arrived.
(From Check it out. Book Club meets today.
(From Check it out. Guest author in town.
(From Check it out. Book overdue.
(From Check it out. Read. Succeed.
(From Check it out. Eat. Sleep. Read. Repeat.

See also: Cell Phone Revolution on Campus - the Chronicle of Higher Education carried an Report released by New America Media, a national collaboration of ethnic news organizations. The report reveals data about 600 16- to 22-year-olds and how they feel about marriage, their future, and other pressing issues in their lives. Not surprisingly, school is the main cause of stress in 33% of the respondents' lives. Also, the largest proportion (27%) said music and fashion are the most important characteristics that identify their identity. Survey done entirely by cell phone.

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librarymum said...

I'm posting a link to this post on email messaging to the new page I created on the SLL2.0 wiki for Cell phones in education. I hope you don't mind and please feel free to delete it from the wiki if you don't want it there.