Sunday, June 3, 2007

SLL2.0 - a mix of California, Country, and Worldwide Learners

The California School Library Learning 2.0 (sll2.0) team has launched a K-12 version of 23 things in California. There is a virtual team of “cheerleaders” to read the postings of a certain number of people. Each new participant gets a welcome message from me, but then our virtual cheerleaders take over. Each have a range of letters (A-C, D-J, K-M, N-S, T-V, and XYZ) to monitor blogs that start with those letters. CSLA 2.0 Team members are Connie Williams, Rob Darrow, Jamie Boston, Liz Dodds, Doug Ackerman, Nina Mino, Susan Thompson, and yours truely. "Test Driver" Tom Kahn passed the finish line weeks ago and is also now a virtual cheerleader and member of the CSLA 2.0 Team. In fact, all participants are encouraged to become virtual cheerleaders. As we monitor and cheer on our colleagues, we learn from them as they discover new cool 2.0 tools. What a fun way to learn!

At "kick off" weekend, in addition to CSLA member participants, there are 24 registered from around the USA and beyond. Our ClusterMap shows that there have been 10,106 visits to our online course -- our global reach is growing!

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watermole said...

It has been a great experience so far! Do you know if there are plans for more programs in the future?