Monday, December 24, 2007

Educational Technology Trends: Horizon Report

Just out: The Horizon Report for 2007 is "must reading" for the new year. The report looks at educational technology trends for the next 5 years, prioritized by time-to-adoption (One Year or less, 2-3 years, and 4-5 years.) See also the Horizon Report Wiki version

It is only 32 pages, including a 6-page Executive Summary. Definitely a report to read, share, and discuss with your colleagues, administrators, planning committees, and board members.

START: Read the report. Find a quiet, cozy corner by a heater. Jot down notes. For example, INFORMATION LITERACY is highlighed as a key trend: "Information literacy increasingly should not be considered a given. Contrary to the conventional wisdom, the information literacy skills of new students are not improving as the post 1993 Internet boomlet enters college..." Read on!

SELECT 1-3 key items that you want to highlight. Information Literacy. Mobile and personal devices. User-created content and social networking.

SHARE. Add a cover note with highlights specific to your school or library. (The Horizon Report focuses on higher education but the first two emerging technologies are already used by K-12 students.)

If you participated in web 2.0 professional development workshops or courses such as CSLA's "Summer 2.0 Fun" or are participating in "Winter 2.0 Fun," mention it. Post an item about the Horizon Report on your blog. Incorporate the report's emerging educational technology trends into library plans, technology committee agendas, and other strategic places like presentations to planners and planning committees.

The Horizon Project launched in 2002. It uses quantatative research methods to identify the technologies that are included in the annual reports. The report is a collaboration between the NEW MEDIA CONSORTIUM and the EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative, an EDUCAUSE Program.

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