Saturday, January 19, 2008

Looking Back and Looking Ahead

Following Rob Darrow's example, I decided to look back on 2007.
Here are some personal highlights from 2007:

  • Invitation by California Academic & Research Library Association's IT blogger from SJSU, Christine Holmes to register for SJLibraryLearning. (January 2007) I was blown away with the power and potential of this course.
  • Getting to know and appreciate what Stephen Abrams and Helene Blowers started!
  • Collaborating with Rob Darrow and Connie Williams to develop and implement School Library Learning 2.0. (Spring 2007) Who would have known I'd become a project manager for two online courses and have a blast doing it?
  • Collaborating with an outstanding CSLA 2.0 Leadership Team, SLL2.0 "test drivers," "2.0 Partners," Fresno Pacific University, SLL 2.0 participants, and "peer cheerleaders" throughout the year and into 2008. What an impressive force for educational change in our schools! Jamie Boston (alias Irma Pince) and Liz Dodds are a real treat to work with and learn from -- do their school districts know what dynamos they have at their middle and high school libraries???
  • Increased E-Rate responsibilities led to lots more skills with excel spreadsheets, VLookups, and number crunching -- not a bad thing. In fact, this "follow the money" focus led me to realize the importance of incorporating district school library plans (technology and eResource requirements) into district technology plans. District technology plans are required for getting E-RATE and other federal and state education dollars, so this is a key document for including library requirements!
  • Daily YMCA workout time (due to a summer injury) provided lots of quality problem-solving and idea generation time. I'm now fit and ready for anything!

Predictions for 2008:

  • School librarians will become change agents as they become web 2.0 savvy, offer Classroom Learning 2.0 at their school or district, and cheer along teachers and administrators. Hopefully, many SLL2.0 participants will become district project managers or coaches/peer cheers for CL2.0.
  • CSLA "2.0 Partners" will continue to grow in number within California and beyond.
  • SLL2.0 and CL2.0 will be seen as more than professional development. These courses will be seen as a building block for introducing online courses and tutorials into the classroom as a backup for student or teacher absences, as supplements to seat time learning, and as a disaster preparedness solution (i.e., work from home or in a non-school location in response to an avian flu pandemic, earthquake.)
  • Given California's $14 Billion dollar deficit, free SLL2.0 and CL2.0 courses will be looked at as a creative solution to the serious budget crisis once again facing our schools.
  • Expect the unexpected and enjoy the 2.0 fun. Magic happens, especially when you have done your homework!

Best wishes. Happy New Year!

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