Wednesday, July 23, 2008

U-VERSE @ home

I've had AT&T U-Verse at work for months, ever since I moved my office into the AT&T Executive Briefing Center. Most mornings, I turn on the flat screen monitor and hunt for new HDTV channels that are on at 7am. My favorite channel so far is National Parks. Love it!

Now, U-Verse is available in my neighborhood so we ordered it for the home. All was "magically" installed when I was out of town. Here is an animoto of the installation. [note: the free animoto is not as good as it used to be because if you want "DVD quality" you need to pay for it. The digital photos are really very good -- the animoto video takes them down in quality!]

AT&T U-Verse has an agreement with FLICKR, so I can show my FLICKR photos on any of my Televisions. I keep discovering new features. I also have wireless Internet throughout my house, so the family no longer has to compete for the DSL line. :)

If you have never heard of this great IP-based video/TV service, see the U-Verse demo and see if the service is available in your neigborhood. It is being pushed out little by little, and it took me by surprise by how soon it was available on my street. Enjoy.

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