Thursday, July 31, 2008

Web 2.0 Mashups: Making the Web Your Own

Here is a second post about a presentation at the annual summer CARL North IT workshop, "Mashup the Library."

Presenter Raymond Yee, UC Berkeley School of Information professor, teaches a course on “Mixing and Re-mixing Information.” He has also written a book on “Web 2.0 Mashups: Making the Web Your Own.” He showed us the first example of a mash-up: a mix of Craig’s List of hosing rentals and Google Maps, thus creating a powerful way to house-hunt by using Google could have squawked, but instead it released an API that formalizes how to use Google Maps for mashing.

See Ray's wiki for more on his presentation and book at Mashupthelibrary20080725.

Another example is the Library Lookup Project by John Udell. He created a Bookmarklet in Java script, which uses the standard ISBN number to mash AMAZON and Public Libraries (OCLC). Be sure to spend time looking at the many examples of Library Lookup Projects!

A third example is Geotagging with and Google Maps greasemonkey script.
Yahoo! Pipes – visual programming. This was used to mash World Section with Google Maps. There is a mini tutorial on the Yahoo! Pipes site, but it might be blocked at your worksite -- go to a library to check it out. is an extension of Firefox. It does bibliographic citation. Zotero could be a mashup program because it can grab bibliographic metadata from
So many web 2.0 tools -- so much to learn! Enjoy.

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