Friday, December 5, 2008

ChaCha and ATT

AT&T announced a strategic relationship with ChaCha, a fast growing text messaging mobile search service. ChaCha will use a co-branded greeting and promote AT&T when consumers call 1-800 2ChaCha (1-800-2-242242).

ChaCha provides free answers to any question — anytime, anywhere — to and from any activated wireless phone. Questions can cover any topic, from science to culture to sports and more. Easier than calling or texting a reference librarian? For many questions and fast facts, yes. According to ChaCha's "Confessions" page, most questions fall into 3 categories: get an answer now ( like when you are in a store and want a comparison price); prove your friend wrong (win a bet); make the most of your day (seem like a catch-all for testimonials or thank you notes to ChaCha). Reference Librarians, don't worry. You probably already have ChaCha as a "favorite" on your iPhone or Blackberry.

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