Friday, January 2, 2009

LINK-Live for Presidental Party

Groups and individuals across the country can LINK-live at no cost to the 1/20/2009 Presidential Inaugural Gala Event at the Corcoran Gallery of Art to

The event will be broadcast live through video streaming and interactive technologies. Participants around the country will join in to celebrate via live broadcast quality video streaming, blogging, i-reporting, social networking, and more on a web 2.0 platform. LINK-live sponsors and participating organizations are building a social network, posting information, videos, and providing links to exciting projects that support the theme of Technology Serving Humanity in the areas of Life, Information, Nature, Knowledge (LINK). Libraries and librarians clearly support two of the themes: Information and Knowledge.

NOTE: Formal underwriting for city celebrations is still available by contacting the Kempster Group.

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