Saturday, January 10, 2009

Storyist - Software for Novelists and Screen Writers

Here is Post #1 after two days touring Mac World exhibits in San Francisco on 1/8 and 1/9. I hadn't visited Mac World in years. I focused on finding fun, cool tools.

Storyist is software especially designed for novelists and screen writers. As a reader, I often wonder how a writer or storyteller organizes all the details, characters, and research before or during the writing of a book. Now, after seeing this cool software, I could see myself possibly taking the plunge or at least helping a writer with the research for a book or screen play. In addition to a word processor with page layout and index cards, there are storyboards and a database of sorts to track your characters, plot, and settings. California-based Storyist is a cool tool to show friends and family who are writing "the great American novel" or with teachers who may want their writing classes to experience a structured writing tool.

Congratulations to CEO and Storyist developer Steve Shepard and Managing Editor Christina Cary. This blogger was impressed.

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